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Special events are one of the great things about Stendhal, they can be organised either by admin or players, and they takes different forms.


A raid is a special event where players are invited to help kill swarms of creatures which suddenly appear in one place. Usually an NPC shouts about needing help and tells you where it is needed.

There are frequently asked questions about raids.

Show fights

In a show fight creatures are pitted against each other in battle. It can be one on one battles against evenly matched creatures, or one strong creature against many weaker ones. Sometimes players can bet on the outcome of the battle. Of course these fights are held within enclosed arenas so that there is no danger to watching players.


Pub quizzes are quite popular! Here are some sample questions from the first ever quiz:

  • What is Ceryl's job?
  • Where does Hackim Easso work?
  • What's the missing girl from Ados called?
  • Who is the housewife with a rat problem?
  • What herb did Ilisa need to make Tad better?
  • What is the name of the berry that sheep eat?


Yes, you can get married in Stendhal! To find out more see the FAQ or (spoiler) quests.


Hunts can take the form of a treasure hunt, hunt the cat, scavenger hunt and more! For example <player "grannie" not found> played a game of hide and seek with the players. She shouted clues and waited hidden to see who would turn up.


Sometimes we just have a party!

Mixed parties

Summerparty 2011

On the 7th of august, players meet up for a summerparty on Athor Island. At 15.30 h servertime, most of them met infront of Semos INN and walked to the ferry on Ados coast. After some issues caused by boarding on the ferry, the group was splitted into two groups... But that wasn't a problem at all. At the end, the party went over 2 hours long and included games, performances and a funny fish race. Some pictures can be found here of it:

Other events

Plays and Singing 2007-12-19

Kymara wrote a small play about the story of the evil Vampire Lord and how he captured his Vampire Bride. Everyone loved it! The cast was:

Sir Tembells kiheru
Lady Tembells bleutailfly
Vampire Lord lordjuan
Narrator superkym

After the play we had acts from other players, including gummipferd who did some uncanny impressions, Bluelads4 who did a dance and kitty12 who sang songs.

Clone Wars 2010-02-20

Spring Festival and Tournament 2010-03-27

Results of the Tournament at the Spring Festival 2010

Mine Town Revival Weeks October 2010

The Semos Mine Town Revival weeks started on the 23rd October of 2010 with some nice new mini games included and some special quests to do.

One of the new quests, the nine switches game infront of the Semos Mines entrance, gave some nice looking balloons to players who solved the little riddle of switching the arrows into the right direction.

Christmas 2010

Santa found his way back to Faiumoni and delivered some presents to players who met him at different places. The players enjoyed the beautiful decorated city of Semos and played different games for greeting the season.

Enjoying some bank chat in May 2011

Some players showed up in the bank on sunday, 22 may and had fun while talking around a bit. They got the idea then of preparing some lovely screenshots which show, that love is everywhere around, especially in the Stendhal community, especially in spring and on the border to a hopefully hot summer 2011.! :) Here are the pics they made:

Maze Runner Reward Challenge

<player "geomac" not found> organised a Maze Challenge in October 2011.

Each day from October 01 to October 15, players went to Haizen and completed the maze to accumulate points. Maze scores were compared and the top runners awarded.

cuddle won the Challenge, and the full results are at

Foretaste of Paper Chase 2013

soniccuz created a pre-paper chase event in Semos City on 03. October 2013.

Paper Chase is a well known event which takes place each year during the Mine Town Revival Weeks around Semos Minetown. In October 2013, just a few days before the Minetown starts its famous event again, soniccuz created his own paper chase in Semos city in which he filled the temple with money all over the place and leads players to this treasure with scattering money arrows all around the city which all lead to the temple.

Thank you soniccuz for creating this event! :)

Mine Town Revival Weeks 2013

In october 2013, warriors all around Faiumoni celebrated the Mine Town Revival weeks again, five years after young girl Susi has been rescued from her kidnappers. The festival took place at Semos mine Town with a special Paper Chase made by Fidorea, some snacks by Caroline, a new Sokoban field by <NPC "hiro" not found> and even more games. A great event with beautiful nice people around! :)

Mine Town Revival Weeks 2020

When in October 2020 the people of Faiumoni were looking forward to the Mine Town Revival Weeks they had to see that nothing was ready set up as usual. Klaus who usually supervised the construction and ensured that everything was running smoothly and silently so that nobody was really noticing the construction work had to confess that supplies were low and if the heroes would not help and provide these, the Mine Town Revival Weeks couldn't take place. So a lot of heroes helped out and provided the needed supplies. So the Mine Town Revival Weeks started only a bit later that year.

Troll Invasion

In May 2021 a bunch of evil trolling players invaded Semos City to molest the good players and block the entry to Semos Bank. But good players joined forces, pushed the evil trolls out of the way and jailed them behind Xoderos' smithy. After four hours the evil trolls vanished into thin air. Are they gone for good?

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