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Leander, local baker in Semos city, runs a successful pizza delivery service. He has customers all around Faiumoni. Related to his great working business, he is always hiring new delivery boys and girls.


  • Leander (the baker in Semos)
  • NPCs all over the world (as customers)


  1. Leander gives you a pizza and tells you who ordered it, and how much time you have to deliver.
  2. As a gimmick, you get a pizza delivery uniform.
  3. You walk to the customer and say "pizza".
  4. The customer takes the pizza. If you were fast enough, you get a tip.
  5. You put on your original clothes automatically.


  • XP (Amount varies depending on customer. You only get half of the XP if the pizza has become cold.)
  • some karma if pizza delivered on time
  • money (As a tip, if you were fast enough; amount varies depending on customer)

Repeatable: Immediately but you can't get a new task while you still have the chance to do the current delivery on time.

Associated Achievements

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