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Stendhal Quests


A wise wizard wants you to learn. He tells you to go to Wikipedian in Ados library and ask about various subjects.


Suggested Reward






Discussion and Comments

There is a list of subjects, you are told to do one at a time by the wizard. When you ask Wikipedian it marks it off as done (I can't think of a good way that you would be able to prove to the wizard that you did ask about it, otherwise - unless maybe he asked you a question from the article as well?)* and then you return to the wizard to get your next subject. When you've done them all you get a reward.

Things to explain ideas: GNU General Public License, SourceForge, Arianne, Java (programming language), Role-playing game

A zone stored NPC notebook might come in handy here. It's something we've thought about for other NPCs too. He could keep a record of all queries from any player. But expire them after one week or so so it doesn't grow too large. (Just check and remove old ones, each time a new one is added) He can store player name and the thing they had to explain. The Notebook should have quite a general structure. Kymara 11:35, 26 March 2010 (UTC)