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Stendhal Quests


Training dolls and dojo: The very old players (really old) maybe still remember the training (tree) bear and how they were missing it when it left from game. Now is the chance to have an advanced version of it back :-)

Players will use for training their skills, attack and defence. You will found them only inside the city gym as free in a big room with other players (the easy dolls) or with small price for personal use (stronger dolls) in a small personal room like in bank booth and together with your friend or buy as summon scroll from the NPC trainer (but very expensive scroll) to use in your personal house. The summoned doll or dolls inside home will disappear like the cat that is left alone inside home on a server reset ofcourse.

NOTICE: training dolls must be added and used ONLY in dojo or personal house! They will be maybe have xml like creatures but must not be treated as creatures but as dolls for training. So devs, add them in maps Only inside gyms and forbid the use of summon doll scrolls outside of player house.

There is already a doll prototype that has very high hp and regeneration and its using a night dagger to be a great training tool for the players. This one seems to be good for levels 50-150. Higher players can still train well if they take off some armors. And the great is, that more than one doll can attack you if you want! Dolls wont walk on you and you can push them away or close to get simultaneusly attacked or push some away to rest a bit. This prototype still moves but very slow. It can be changed to completely still, which it will be the rule on the quintains except some exceptions. By the way, this prototype was good before the start of limitation of armors per level. So might needs to be abjusted a bit or will be too strong for the above levels. About this idea, many different types of dolls will be needed for different levels and skills of players. The main difference will be the doll level and skills and some color change. It is suggested for still (non moving) dolls to use a sprite with a stake instead of legs.

Other idea is a new feature, where training dolls will abjust to the player level and skills. In this case, only one or two kinds of dolls will be enough. But requires one or two new feature requests on sourceforge and a programmer in java to do the code. And because of that, it will possibly take longer to add the training with dolls in the game. So its up to your opinion which you prefer for now. Other things about the dolls:

- Every big city can have its own dojo.
- NPC will rent you two hours per two days (or week) a personal room to train with your friend or alone. 

Or you can rent again after some time (or straight) for double price if you want more and sooner

- Again: training dolls (A.K.A. quintains) can be used ONLY in the dojo or summon it in house of player. 

Only the NPCs of gyms can sell these scrolls but with paying much (as you want them to train in the comfort of your house). If player tries to summon the doll scroll outside of his house, it WONT work.

- Players can buy only the summon doll scroll that fits on their level and skill. 

And only levels above level fifty can buy. In case of the new feature of dolls automaticly adjusting to player level/skill, there is no need for that.

- The dojo will be PROTECTED area! So no PVP possible so safe from player killers. 

But still, players must be cafefull to not camp and be AFK or they might get pushed on a doll. Even hard, its possible if they stand everywhere inside the gym (dojo)


Trainer: An NPC will allow the entrance only on players of level 50+ He is with white beard and ponytail hairs(like kiheru :-P )looking wize and with a symbol of flame in his back

Suggested reward

Maybe after a number of trainings inside dojo and a couple of weeks, the NPC will allow you to buy doll summon scrolls to summon and use inside your house. Maybe he will sell only on levels above 120


  1. If player didn't train at least some hours inside the big room or small rooms, the NPC wont sell scrolls. So when player say "Buy scroll" He will say something like "I didn't see how you training yet. And I don't trust you this yet"
  2. After some time training in dojo he will say "Ok, we have low doll middle doll strong doll. Tell me which you want and I sell you if you are strong enough for each kind of scroll"



Player: Hi

NPC(on players below level fifty): Hi to you too! How can I help you kid?

NPC (on players above level fifthy): Greetings warrior. Wanna train some more?

Player: Yes (or quest)

NPC (on player below level fifty): I can give you just a piece of advice for now:get a bit stronger. Come later when you are in a level strong enough and i will help you train

NPC (on players above level fifty): Sure, come in (he lets you enter the big room)

Player: Rent

NPC (on players above level fifty): Hmm want private training? It'll cost you. We have 1. Room for middle training 2. for heavy training 3. Room for extreme training

Player rent room 1

NPC (lets you in, and your friend too if you are grouped with your friend after you pay): Ok, it'll cost you 1000 for two hours

Player: Pay

NPC: Ok enjoy your training but be carefull! (he let's you enter small training room and your friend. Actually, teleports you there)

Player: Rent room 2

NPC(when you are below level 150 or your friend that is grouped with you) I wont allow you entrance in this room, you are not strong enough! Try room 1 instead

Discussion and Comments

This idea may be obsolete now that a training dojo has been implemented. - AntumDeluge (talk)