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Stendhal Quests


Zynn Iwuhos is attempting to complete a potion to give him extended sight about the world to aid in his studies. He only requires two more items, the eye of a young beholder, and dragon oil. As a reward for helping to find these items, the player will be given some extended sight.


  • Zynn Iwuhos

Suggested reward

This quest is to give a player the ability to see more in their minimap, especially creatures.


See Dialogues section.

Kill a young beholder and take the eye, obtain the dragon oil. Bring the eye and oil back to Zynn Iwuhos and he mixes the potion and pours some drops into the player's eyes.

Now in the player's minimap, they can see NPC's and creatures.

Carrot Pie Attributes:

  • 40 HP (low HP compared to most foods)
  • 160 MP (for future player use)

Items needed:

  • Image of carrot_pie. [chadf]
  • Image of beholder eye (if corpse can't be taken).
  • Image of dragon_oil in glass container (yellow/green color?)


Obtaining Dragon Oil:

The dragon oil is available from Haizen:

Player> dragon_oil

Haizen> Yes, I have dragon oil, but it's very difficult to extract. However, I am in need of supplies, such as #carrot_pie.

Player> carrot_pie

Haizen> I love carrot pies. My mother would make the most delicious ones when I was a young apprentence. There is a bakery near by that makes tastely pies. If you would do my a favor and bring me 5 carrot pies from there, I will give you a bottle of dragon's oil. Just mention that you want carrot pie to the baker.

Obtaining Carrot Pies:

At the bakery, no carrot pie is listed for sale, but can be asked about:

Player> carrot_pie

Arlindo> Ah! You have heard of our carrot pies, from Haizen I bet. They are a magician's favorite because of their magic restoration properties. Because not many people buy them we don't list them for sale.

Player> make 5 carrot_pie

Arlindo> To make 5 carrot pies you will need 40 carrots and 10 flour.

Discussion and Comments

I love the idea, but as you point it is only a client side thing. Any clever guy will mod client to get the advantage. But real good idea. This is why I'd like to keep the quest relatively simple/easy, so doing the quest is easier than moding their client (and keeping it mod'ed when offcial changes are made). My only real concern is how high a player needs to be to take on a beholder.. maybe an infant beholder, if others can't be killed easily by around level 10. --MiguelAngelBlanchLardin 01:26, 21 February 2007 (PST)