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Stendhal Quests


Author: Laguz

I need for the quest:

  • a place for a wizard tower, i favour the tower at 0_semos_mountain_n_w2 done

(because a special-effect that let players look to plains arround, including a part of semos(if the view is possible), when reached the spire)

Quest Idea:

7 Wizards and 7 Artifacts

The Wizards-circle reside in the spire of the wizard-tower. Each wizard give a quest to the player to create his part of the item-set. The quests are in a fixed order, begins with the weakest item/easiest quest. The sequence: hat, legs, boots, chainmail, cloak, sphere, wand


The very special items are the last both, the sphere and the wand. A wizards wand is a powerfull weapon and it has to be a range-weapon since stendhal got no spells. The easiest way were that the wand can shoot itself, without ammunition(no magical wand shoots with arrows). But it were to strong and no fun. So i planed that the wizards sphere is a container for magical energy, that feeds the wand with energy. The sphere has to be filled by a quest and carries energy for 50 shoots, and its necessary to do the quest again to get more energy. I already have two different images for the sphere, empty and filled. The quest for the sphere gives the player and empty sphere first and it will switch between the two images, if the sphere is empty or filled.

I dont know how much works its to code that. I will do the quests, NPCs, maps etc, but im not a coder. But i guess we will find a way to make all happy :) i guess this is out of date since we plan on magic skills


I will create some interiors as new areas, when the map doesnt allow my plan for new item-relevant map properties. For example a magical rift in the deep to take material magical energy. The item-stats are of course not fixed, i will plan with Kymara and Kiheru, and who else is general developer, the correct stats for the best balancing.

interiors and areas

  • tower_outside and its area done
  • tower_basement almost finished
  • tower_1st_floor almost finished
  • tower_2nd_floor almost finished
  • tower-3th_floor almost finished
  • tower-4th_floor almost finished
  • tower-5th_floor almost finished
  • tower-6th_floor almost finished
  • tower-7th_floor almost finished
  • tower_wizard_circle_1st_floor at work
  • tower_balcony
  • wizards_areas ...planing
  • magical_rift

NPCs note: since the development discussions about magic, i had some ideas. 7 wizards are in the tower, 6 of them are masters of one kind of magic and could give the first spell of each.

  • Zekiel the guardian(not a wizard) almost finished
  • Erastus - the Archmage
  • Cassandra - water
  • Silvanus - earth
  • Malleus - fire
  • Jaer - air
  • Ravashack - death
  • Elana - life
  • Comment:Hm, we wanted one tower per magic type, I think? So can each of these can be in one tower each? Kymara 11:51, 22 March 2010 (UTC)
  • It's the tower of the wizards circle. The wizards here are delegate from the respective magic guild/tower. And Erastus the archmage is the head of the wizards circle. Laguz
  • Or if you like this can be a 'master' tower for all but the rest should be one per type I think Kymara 10:43, 29 March 2010 (UTC)
  • Exact :) because its the tower of magic rules. Its like a government of all magics. Laguz


  • Candle done
  • teleport stone
  • beeswax, can be bought by Aldrin done
  • closed scroll
  • magical orb


  • Zekielstatue + animation almost finished
  • stars done
  • hexagramm done
  • wooden doors done
  • floating candle done

Questions for Author

If on level 2 I choose the right creature I get the candle. I must never again get a candle from this or I get too many candles. The hexagramm-spot-portal destroys it as it sends me to next level. On level 3 if I choose wrong creature, I get sent to level 2? But I cannot get candle again, how do I get back up? Or does it send me to level 1 and Zekiel reset my quest before he #send me?
answer here or in irc pls :)
You will never get a candle from this again. Actualy, Zekiel won't send you to the test, if you carry any candles, try it ^^. If Zekiel send you to the first step then the quest-states will be set back and you can again get candles from the spot(thats the reason why i wanted it as quest-states). And yes, if you make a failure, you will be teleported back to Zekiel, this is already so.Laguz
EDIT: another idea: if its not possible for the player to teleport out, except by using the portal in the middle of the hexagramm, and all portals destroy any candles, then its insignificant how many candles the player get by using the correct creature-portal. The player will never leave the tower with any candles, except he suicide^^. So if its possible that the portal summons a candle(or somehow else), then it does no longer depend on the quest Laguz
Zekiel says #send then says there is stuff you need to #know before I send you. Players will say #send first as it appears first. But perhaps this is a good test :) Is ok?
answer here or in irc pls :)
Yes, i know this "feature" ^^ i realized that too when i observed my sister while she was testing it. I change this for next update.Laguz EDIT: i thought again on this, i think you are right, i wont change this, its really good test on the players attention
If we set creatures non patrolling I think they will all face downwards. I guess you want them facing all in. We need to check if we can setDirection on them or if that is just an NPC thing.
answer here or in irc pls :)
Yes, but no important change, except u think this would be nice. My point is, the creatures view is best when they face downward and maybe it helps the players to make a choice.


The following existing or new NPCs participate in the quest

Suggested reward

On successful completion the player shall get...


  1. first the players does this
  2. second the player is asked to do that



What are the NPCs going to say?

Discussion and Comments