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Stendhal Quests


A shiny and high defence cloak is available for those willing to complete a long list of tasks for the seamstress Ida who lives and works in Ados city. The long story starts with Ida's broken sewing machine and missing parts for its repair.


Ida, a seamstress in Ados.
Imperial scientists, in kalavan basement
Mithrilbourgh Wizards, in kirdneh and magic city
Hogart, a retired master dwarf smith, forgotten below the dwarf mines in Orril.
Terry, the dragon hatcher in semos caves.
Ritati Dragontracker, odds and ends buyer in ados abandoned keep
Pdiddi, the dodgy dealer from Semos
Josephine, young woman from Fado
Pedinghaus, the mithril casting wizard in Ados


  1. Ida needs sewing machine fixed, with one of three items from a list
  2. Once machine fixed and if you have done mithril shield quest, Ida offers you cloak
  3. Kampusch tells you to how to make the fabric
  4. Imperial scientists take silk glands and make silk thread
  5. Kampusch fuses mithril nuggets into the silk thread
  6. Whiggins weaves mithril thread into mithril fabric
  7. Ida takes fabric then asks for magical scissors
  8. Hogart makes the scissors which need magical eggshells
  9. Terry swaps eggshells for disease poison
  10. Ida takes the scissors then asks for a magical needle
  11. Needles come from Ritati Dragontracker
  12. Ida breaks a random number of needles, meaning you need to get more each time
  13. Ida pricks her finger on the last needle and goes to twilight zone
  14. Pdiddi sells the twilight moss to get to twilight zone
  15. The twilight slime in the twilight zone drops the twilight elixir to heal lda
  16. After being ill Ida asks you to take a blue striped cloak to Josephine
  17. After taking cloak to Josephine and telling Ida it is done, she asks for a mithril clasp
  18. Pedinghaus makes mithril clasp
  19. The clasp completes the cloak


Mithril Cloak

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