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This idea has been implemented and this article is only interesting for historic reasons. But it may contain some minor ideas that have not been implemented, yet. Please use the Trade GUI right click option which the NPC Dagobert in Semos Bank explains.

Ideas for Stendhal

Mostly implemented

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Based on a idea suggested by Khesus

Player1 offers a trading deal with Player2 by right-clicking on Player2 and choosing Trade:

Player2 is prompted with a window asking for accepting beginning a deal with Player1 or not.

A bag window opens in the middle of the screen. The window is vertically splitted in two parts with a certain number of free slots in each part.

  • Each part has the name of each Player on Top:
  • The left part corresponds always to each Player, so the window that both players are looking is different because it is horizontally flipped from their view.
  • Each part of the window has three buttons at the bottom: that's my offer, deal! and no way!. The deal! button is greyed at first.

GUI suggested by danter

|Myself                    ||Other                     |
|ITEM   ITEM   ITEM   ITEM ||ITEM//////////////////////|
|                          ||//////////////////////////|
|ITEM                      ||//////////////////////////|
|                          ||//////////////////////////|
|ICON                      ||                      ICON|
|This is my offer!|     | Deal! |             | No way!|

Each player can drag items from his respective bag and drop or remove them only in his part of the window.

Each player clicks on the that's my offer button at the bottom once he is satisfied with the items he has offered for the trade in his own part of the window.

Once a player has clicked on that's my offer, the button is greyed and the background of the items he has offered for the deal appears greyed. If he tries to drop more items or remove any item, the that's my offer button is lightened again and the background too.

Once both players have clicked on that's my offer then their respective deal! buttons lighten. They press it if they are satisfied with what the other player has dropped in the other part of window.

  • If both players click on deal!: the window is closed and the items are exchanged between them.
  • If any of the players clicks on no way! at any time: the window is closed and the items return to their original owners.

(Idea suggested by Zuse) Trading offline: Storing an item or a fixed amount of money publicly somewhere to exchange for a fixed price or item. The interested player can drop the requested item in that place and receive the offered item.