Ideas for Stendhal/Upgrading Weapons

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This article describes a future concept. It may still have some open issues and it was not decided, yet, whether to implement it in this way.

Ideas for Stendhal

Mostly implemented

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All those gems you get from the dragon are untill one quest useless. So why don't use them for upgrading your weapons??

You can sell them to Ognir, but yes I like the upgrading idea too. My brother plays WoW and they can decorate their weapons there. We'd need images of every weapon with each possible jewel on it, though. That's what's putting me off at the moment. Other quests are planned that can use them, too. Kymara

Well, not every weapon. We could do so that only a subset of weapons is upgradable, at least in the beginning (this selection must also come from logic, for example it makes no sense to decorate an obsidian knife with obsidian, or even with any other gem; or, very unchiselled weapons like a club or a ugmash maybe arent a good fit for being gem-enanched); then, for each one of these selected weapons, we could draw the decorated version or just tweak the original pic by adding a glow or aura (green, blue, red) if it's easier and/or produces a better result. I think i will try to make some gfx for it and see what comes out. --Vesper 07:03, 14 October 2007 (PDT)