Ideas for Stendhal

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TODO: Merge the following Ideas for Stendhal, SuggestIdea, StendhalRefactoringRP, Ideas:chad3f

Ideas for Stendhal

Mostly implemented

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The use of that link can be for 'storage' before of real use

  1. We can type here all ideas all together and any developer who likes one or some he can pick(or better I)it up from here and he can ask me to post it on SF feature requests or wiki.
  2. We can put our thoughts here free with no conditions. Imagination needs to be free, not very controlled and limited with logic.
  3. A single idea here can demand a set of features, some brand new. So developers can take an idea and split it.
  4. Mostly this here is for having it as a place with our thoughts to not lost or forget them. It should be organised later as I said above


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