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Stendhal Quests



This quest will allow you to do a "magical train" and improve your skills spending some time in a special room Dropped idea... see instead:


Colossus in Ados Gym enterance Colossos in Ados Gym very very big underground room


On successful completion the player shall get xp points applied to skills. Xp points depends of how much time you passed in underground room


  • Go to Colossus and Talk to him. He will accept you in the gym dungeon if you pay 1000 money and if:
    • you didn't recently kill a player
    • you reached at level 50
  • after paying 1000 money you immediatly will be teleported in gym dungeon
  • now you can stay in gym how much time do you want. In this room nothing special will happen. You cannot teleport out
  • when you want to end train session go talk to Colossos and ask to end train session
  • Colossos will let you go out and you will rewarded with skill bonus
  • reward:
    • 3XP both for ATK and DEF for every second you remained in gym dungeon
    • if you stay more than 2 hours you will rewarded as you staid exactly 2 hours
  • you can repeat quest after 24 hours

Point open to Discussion

If you looked at "steps" you noted that I mark "bold" some points. That points are open to discussion. So:

  • minimum level for quest can be different than 50. However I will suggest to set it NOT greater than 60 and NOT less than 30
  • if you pay you IMMEDIATELY go to gym dungeon. But in this way you will not hear the sounds of money when you spend them. So decide if you want to immediately go in gym dungeon or if you prefer to add a middle step (example wait 2 minutes) in order to hear the "money sound" when you pay fee
  • time limit is fixed for 2h for the moment, but this limit can be too low for stronger players. So perhaps a scalar limit can be suggested. But take mind:
    • quest must not be abusable: so time limit cannot be too wise.
    • greater time limit than 2h perhaps need to be balanced somehow. The final dynamic should appear acceptable for admins (= should not unbalance game)
  • 24h for repetition seems to me the best time. Not too much, but at the same time not too little. However I marked it in black to allow a better discussion

Insert non-formatted text here== Point out of Discussion ==

  • Colossus will not accept to train a player that recently killed another player
  • General dynamic of the quest is fixed

ok.... so I explained all things I had to say. Now is Your turn. Contribute with your suggestions and ideas in the paragraph above...


Discussion and Comments

write here your comments, if you have any

Hello, this quest idea sounds quite similar to , which is about training and gaining skills as well, the Quintains idea will be in Ados, too. I'm not sure if having more than one location at which you can gain skills while training is needed?`And maybe it might be good to compare these ideas and mix them up a bit... - Bluelads4 -


Thank for your reply, Bluelads. Yes it is kinda similar but it is different at an important point. Instead of having a lot of different quintans (with difficulties for every player to locale the right one for single player) and having the risk to find "the right one" already used, this quest will:

  • be the same for everyone without any kind of problems about space
  • no risk for die (usually people don't die training in a gym)
  • The negative aspect is that it is less "realistic" but I have a "story solution" for it (the room has a magic air that is able to make you stronger when you come out)

The fact it is in Ados is only becouse is where I temporary added it in my localhost. However a different place can be used (although is enough easy to reach) and I am open to suggestions also about it - Nobun -


I think there should be an element of player interaction and risk. Otherwise this feels like a very easy way to get skills. You should not be able to just leave your character unattended. How can we introduce risk? Perhaps snakes might spawn in the gym? How about interaction? Perhaps you have to keep pushing an exercise device? Kymara


Thank for suggestion Kymara... and sorry for so-late-reply (I am very busy so I can be active rarely). The basic idea is to DON'T have risks (when you go to gym in real life, do you risk your life? :P) But the improvement of skills should be not too much, becouse the increasing should be convenient, but not in a way that can unbalance game. So the gretest problem is to balance values in a manner that the training can be a convenient way to increase xp, but - in the same time - not abusable. The current secting I purposed is good for low-level skills-lev like me, but crap for high level ones (limit too small). So any idea will be considered. However, I am open to consider also "snake spawns" like you suggested, even if it I would prefer no risks at all :P - Nobun


3xp per second for 3hrs totals at 21600. For perspective that would level both my stats that sit in the mid 40's at present. (My stats are crap compared to my level ^^;)

Dropping poisonous creatures into a gym sounds extreme. Fitting for a Colosseum though that's what the Death matches allude to. If we're looking for interaction perhaps running could be the exercise, and Every step equals xp, and the player is thrown out when they've either maxed at 21600, or have been at it for 2 hrs.

  • This way fighting enemies wastes time the player could be spending walking around the gym.
  • Using the golems, or some kind of man-made creatures instead of snakes, would make sense aesthetically as they could pass as training dummies.

I think there should be some risk but, nothing substantial. Which snakes, and most of the golems, aren't going to be killing level 50+ players anytime soon.

I also like the idea of interacting with a machine but, only if the actions have some variety to them. I'm picturing something like a game of Simian says.

--Soniccuz (talk) 04:12, 10 February 2013 (CET)