Ideas for Stendhal/New Items

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Ideas for Stendhal

Mostly implemented

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Consumable Items


Name Effect Notes
holy water cures zombie status
sugar cookies regain player HP
  • Obtained from quest or production during Christmas time.
  • Idea for quest/production source location: Deniran bakery

Equippable Items


Name Effect Notes
ruby ring
  • an enhanced emerald ring
    • Preserves ATK & DEF experience on death.
    • No changes to XP or item loss from death.
    • Breaks on death & must be repaired to regular emerald ring. Can be upgraded again after emerald ring is repaired.
  • Accessible via quest completion or minimum level requirement.
  • Gained via paying a fee to upgrade the emerald ring & received after a waiting period (so players risk playing without protection of emerald ring for a time).


Name Suggested ATK Suggested Rate Suggested Min Level Other Stats Notes
mainio sword KarajuSs has drawn a nice sprite.


  • keyring upgrade
    • Upgrades keyring slots to 12.
    • Needs quest.
  • <item "backpack" not found>
    • Needs quest.
  • scroll pouch
    • Adds slot(s) exclusively for scrolls.
    • Needs quest.


  • shovel
    • Adds "dig" to context menu
    • Can be used to create an event for multiple purposes
    • Quest implementation examples:


  • Pass or ticket that allows 1 free session in the dojo or archery range.
    • Acquired from weekly quest as reward of 5 or 10.