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Amazon Island is situated off the east cost of Faiumoni. Boats have not ventured there for some time. It is rumoured that the very brave can access the island using a tunnel built by a foolhardy barbarian, Lorenz. He was never seen again.

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Points of Interest in Amazon Island

Amazon Island

Amazon island is wild, with jungle-like terrain and wildlife. It is roughly square in shape. According to the last reports from those who survived their visit to the island, it is ruled by females alone; a matriarchal tribe of women called amazonesses. They are vicious and highly dangerous. Their ruler, Princess Esclara is well protected by her subjects such as amazoness bodyguards, while the coastline is patrolled by amazoness coastguards. The non-intelligent creatures include many animals like elephant and caiman and crab.

Coconuts and pineapples grow in abundance across the island. If you want to hunt silk gland this is a good place to go because there are a lot of giant spiders.

The mermaid Nicklesworth buys some cloaks.

If you can get past the amazoness giant then Princess Esclara has a small quest for you.

Information for Players

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