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Adventurers travelling south who cross Or'ril River will reach Fado, a city which guards the bridge over Or'ril river. The river is vital for the commercial route between Deniran and Ados. The heavily forested area - barely touched by civilization - not only supplies Fado's human inhabitants with raw materials but also is a home to several enchanted creatures as well as a secluded tribe of elves.

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Points of Interest in Fado

Fado City

Located in the western part of this area, Fado City is a small, but nevertheless important, as a centre of Faiumoni's spiritual and cultural life. Lovers from all over the country travel to this town to tie the knot in ancient and venerable Fado Church and also often spend their honeymoon in the nearby hotel. Less romantic persons might rather want to visit the Fado Battle Arena and attend to show fights between captured monsters or local heroes.

Whether love or violence is their desire - hungry travelers are well advised to visit Fado Tavern where Old Mother Helena pampers the guests with her legendary soup. This meal is said to strengthen your inner healing powers but even if you don't believe in such tales you should try it for its elaborate taste.

Eastern Fado Forest

On the way to Woody you will find some rich, sweet leprechauns, little fairies and clurichauns. Woody lives in the forest and in the south of Or'ril river. Woody buys axes to cut down the trees! You don't need to help him for other things, but his young friend Sally over the river needs a hand! In a big castle live the Onis! You have to be strong to push this heavy door open. And these oni warriors are really strong. Take care! Don't go in without protection!

South Eastern Fado Forest

If you go further into the Forest it will get darker! It's really dangerous in the South Eastern Fado Forest. here, you'll find walking trees, they are slow and old, but strong! And a aggressive tribe of albino elves. These elves are completly white and evil to others! Pay attention!

Fado Great Caves

Fado Great Caves. That is a horrible place for some people, but for other people a good place to get experience! There are many kinds of creatures! From sweet animals to dark magicans! It is more dangerous than the Fado forest and if you go deeper and deeper it will be more dangerous for your life! But for a brave adventurer it's the best cave in the world! There are some quests, and you can visit the Adventure Island for example! Take potions and home scrolls with you!

Information for Players

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