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This is a list of missing image files in Stendhal

Animals and Monsters


folder filename level git who
animal black_slime.png 24 current meriharakka, done
animal brown_slime.png 16 current meriharakka, done
animal green_slime.png 8 current meriharakka, done
animal lion.png 4 current kiheru, done
animal tiger.png 5 current
animal twilight_slime.png 111 current meriharakka, done
farm_animal beaver.png 2 current
farm_animal bull.png 2 current kiheru, done
farm_animal chick.png 1 current
farm_animal cow.png 2 current kiheru, done
farm_animal horse.png 2 current
farm_animal ram.png 2 current kiheru, done
farm_animal white_horse.png 2 current
amazon amazoness_archer_commander.png 73 current
amazon amazoness_commander.png 82 current
ent dead_ent.png 83 current (old ent) kiheru, done
golem stone_golem.png 32 current
human armored_leader.png 140 current (blordrough corporal)
human armored_warrior.png 114 current (blordrough quartermaster)
human soldier_wizard.png 92 current (mithrilbourgh wizard)
minotaur mino_king.png 62 current
minotaur minotaur.png 45 current
sheepman armored_sheepman.png 31 current
sheepman elder_sheepman.png 38 current
sheepman elite_sheepman.png 43 current
sheepman sheepman.png 25 current
troll red_troll.png 16 current
troll troll.png 10 current
undead death.png 30 current kiheru, done
undead ghost.png 15 current kiheru, done
huge_animal black_death.png 300 current kiheru, done
huge_animal chaos_green_dragonrider.png 137 current kiheru, done
huge_animal chaos_red_dragonrider.png 195 current kiheru, done
huge_animal golden_death.png 450 current kiheru, done
huge_animal green_dragon.png 50 current kiheru, done
huge_animal red_dragon.png 125 current kiheru, done
huge_animal twin_head_dragon.png 139 current
huge_animal flying_golden_dragon.png 137 current
mythical_animal gashadokuro.png 500 current



Code Filename Name Git Who
ados/wall/HolidayingBoyNPC boynpc.png Finn Farmer current
ados/tunnel/CrulaminNPC chessplayernpc.png Crulamin current
semos/hostel/BoyNPC childnpc.png Tad current
orril/dungeon/GhostNPC deadmannpc.png Goran current
kalavan/citygardens/GardenerNPC gardenernpc.png Sue current
kalavan/castle/KingNPC kingcozartnpc.png King Cozart current
wofol/house5/GhostNPC man_000_npc.png Zak current


mithrilforgernpc.png Pedinghaus


kirdneh/city/MummyNPC mothernpc.png Carey current
semos/city/GreeterNPC oldmannpc.png Monogenes current kiheru, done
semos/plains/LittleBoyNPC plinknpc.png Plink current
ados/tunnel/WishmanNPC stormtroopernpc.png Wishman current


folder filename git who
object & structure/boat ship.png current kiheru, done for player visible tiles. The rest under construction
object tan_tent.png current
plant/tree locust_tree.png current kiheru. done
plant/tree maple_tree.png current
plant/tree oak_tree.png current
plant/tree pine_tree.png current kiheru, done
plant/tree pine_tree_1.png current kiheru, done
plant/tree pine_tree_2.png current kiheru, done
plant/tree snow_on_pine.png current