Fado Great Caves

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Short Summary

There are lots of things to discover in the Fado Great Caves while adventuring there. Watch out!

History and Background Story

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The imperial city of Sedah can be found in the south after entering the Fado Great Caves through the portal in the Kalavan castle area. Before entering the city, you have to first convince Revi Borak to let you in. As the gatekeeper he's not suppose to do that, but since his job is really underpaid, a bribe might change his mind. If you are successful, he will give you a key with which you can enter the city and explore what it has in store.

If you are lucky, you will get the pleasure of meeting Ivan Abe, a really selfish guy who wants to be the king of Kalavan. Although he is a bit rude and impatient, he will pay good for your help. It is worth it to ask him about his plans.

The small city is populated by a part of the imperial army of whose kingdom is placed above the Caves. Do not underrate that area, it can be very dangerous, so better prepare yourself with some potions and some money before you go there. Maybe something huge waits there.

Magic City

Magic City is a huge town in the west of Fado Great Caves and a really mystical one at the same time. Once upon a time, some magicians created this city for building up a place to live in calm and learning their magical skills for taking the world over one time. After a while, different kind of creatures came into that city and participate the wizards plan of ruling the world over. Now they live together in piece and harmony there, halfway ready to fullfill their plans.

There are lots of things to discover in Magic City, like different buildings such as the theater in the south of the city or the witch school in the north. Lots of different creatures run around guarding the city and its buildings like elf wizard, duergar wizard, snarfkin, imp, fallen priest and many more...

Other areas to discover

Giant Caves

The giant caves can be find in the north-west corridors of the Fado Great Caves when you enter them over the portal in the Kalavan castle area.

Madaram City

Madaram City is a little city in the east of the Fado Great Caves.

Black Dragon Cave

Also this huge beast has found it's way into the Fado Great Caves and is being guarded by some helpers like imperial demon lords, imperial demon servants and imperial high priests and imperial priests. He lives in the middle-north corridor after entering the Fado Great Caves when you enter them from the portal in the Kalavan castle area.


kaimans and crocodiles
All kinds of dragons.
all kinds of spiders
all kinds of giants
albino elves
Madaram Army
Imperial Army
trolls, red trolls cave trolls
Most magical gifted creatures and some magical beings

Information for Players

Player Level
The Fado Great Caves are positioned in the south of Fado and can be entered from different places like from the Kalavan castle area and from Fado forest.
Dungeon Levels

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