Semos Catacombs

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Short Summary

A hole in the ground on Semos graveyard. Prepare yourself well to fight the undead.

History and Background Story

Many heroes follow the call to protect Semos. But many a hero does not survive the adventure. The small graveyard right north of Semos City was to small to hold all the corpses of the unfortunate and there was none to mourn over them after the burial. Out of necessity it was decided to dig and build the catacombs as a burial ground to hold their mortal remains and lay those who paid with their lives for the protection of Semos and its people to their eternal rest.

Everything went its way for quite a while. Then the existence of the Semos Catacombs reached the ears of a vampire lord a distraught and careless mourning husband had invited into the region. He was taken with the place in a certain manner and decided to make himself and his court a home on the lower levels of the catacombs. The tremendous aura of dark magic he exudes caused the corpses of the passed away to rise and walk amongst the living again. To the great relieve of the Semos people these undead don't know how to climb ladders or ropes. Needless to say there was not a single burial in the catacombs since.

It is said that from time to time the vampire lord lures down those who are careless to make them members of his blood savouring court.


First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor


Markovich, a sick vampire
1st Floor: zombie, bloody zombie, rotten zombie, headless monster, skeleton, warrior skeleton, mimic
2nd Floor: bat, killer bat, dark mutant, vampirette, demon skeleton, bone dragon, death knight
3rd Floor: bat, killer bat, vampire bride, vampire lord

Information for Players

Player Level
30 - ?

Photo Gallery

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