Orril Castle

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Short Summary

Huge Orril Castle is located in the Orril Mountain area. It includes different floors and creatures which young adventurers have to pass before they find a secret place waiting underneath the castle...

History and Background Story

This castle was built on a ancient cemetery. It is believed that humans and elves were buried under this castle. Nobody actually knows where skeletons and mummies do come from but they believe that they are human mixed with elvish bones.

There is also a small number of golems living in the castle, probably because it is very warm there and they will not be killed by people.

Orril Castle was built by Lord Lichester who was very rich. He was the strongest magician who ever lived in this world.

His needs were completed by great decoration of the castle and his great palace. He also had a pet named Muriko. It is a green dragon summoned by him to live an eternal life while being trapped in the castle.

That green dragon was also used for fighting against evil forces but now it is very mad and he is waiting for his owner for 1300 years.

The castle was built 1400 years ago but it doesn not seem to break or lose strength. Nobody knows if Lord Lichester actually casted magic on it,or if it is just a great work of builders.

Deep in the Lich Palace is a place where some parts of his bones are laying down and he wakes up each time now for fighting against people who are intruding his castle!

So be aware, or you will be his bones will get you!


-Very nice leveling area -Lich has nice drops -Green dragon -Other creatures


all kinds of Undead
a Green Dragon

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Orril Castle
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