Assassin Tunnel

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Short Summary

The Assassin Tunnel is populated by young, strong assassins, some of whom are trainees who wait for huge tasks which they alone can solve. Other occupants include a group of Blordrough deserters, along with their beloved dragons.

History and Background Story

First it was a secret way for the assassins but some time ago the assassin fought against the Blordrough army. Towards the end of the war, during the last major clash in what became the Ados swamp, Wishman, a mighty Stormtrooper in the Blordrough Army found a broken passage into a cavern which was attached to the tunnel.

He and his followers were very unhappy with the way the Blordrough Commander was running the war, and could envision that they and their dragons could only meet with doom, so he bargained with the Assassins to use the large cavern for a lair for their dragons, and, further down the tunnel, a living quarters for the Blordrough deserters.

In payment to the Assassins, the Blordrough gave them a Red Dragon, which was given his own cave, further down the tunnel towards the Assassin's Headquarters.


Disciple Assassins, Apprentice Assassins, Assassins, Shadows Assassins, Master Assassins
Blordrough Quartermasters, Blordrough Corporals, Blordrough Storm Troopers
Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragons, Chaos Green Dragonrider, Chaos Red Dragonrider, Twin Headed Dragon, Flying Golden Dragon, Bone Dragon, Black Dragon

Chief Falatheen Humble Dishwasher
Femme Fatale
Miss Parillaud
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Information for Players

Player Level
From Ados castle dungeons or from Assassins HQ
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