Semos Dungeons

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Short Summary

The Semos Dungeons are integrated into the Semos City area. You can reach the Dungeons by entering the hole in Semos City itself.

History and Background Story

The semos people brought all creatures which they caught into this dungeon to keep the city clean from all kinds of evil monsters. Earlier, the entrance of the Semos Dungeons had been guarded by a great old hero called Hayunn Naratha. He later moved into the Semos guard house to introduce and welcome new players to Faiumoni.

The Dungeons are built up with 6 different floors. There are lots of different creatures waiting for you, their level grow from floor to floor.

There are rats on the first floor waiting for the young heroes of Faiumoni.

The second floor is populated by rats, venomrats, snakes and other creatures.

There are different ways to enter the third floor on which you can find gargoyles, kobolds , goblins, skeletons, cyclops, trolls, venom gargoyles (take care, that you carry enough antidotes with you!) and ogres. There is a small cyclops area in which you can find their old jail and living rooms.

If you step down to the fourth level, you can find different creatures again, mostly ones which you can find on the floors before as well. But there is also an npc called Tor'Koom who is buying sheep which you can bring to him. Make sure, that the different creatures will not kill the sheep on your way to Tor'Koom!

Entering the fifth floor shows you a new area which is meant to be the first part of the dwarf living area. Take care there, their levels are higher than from the creatures above, means you have to wear potions or food like meat with you for fighting against them! While passing the corridors, you will meet different kind of dwarves like normal dwarves, elder dwarves, hero dwarves and leader dwarves.

When you reach the next entrance, you will enter the dwarves city Kanmararn in which you can find a good chance for making some money and earning lots of experience points. Take a look at the Kanmararn page to learn more about that huge underground city!


Tor'Koom, the hungry orc
rats, caverats, snakes, skeletons, goblins, kobolds, gargoyles, cyclopses, ogres, orcs, venom gargoyle, dark gargoyle, soldier goblins and trolls.

Information for Players

Player Level
Semos City, hole on minimap
Dungeon Levels
5 + Kanmararn (6)

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