Nalwor Caves

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Short Summary

Long paths and tunnels wait for heroes in these caves. There are special and mystical areas here with lots of huge creatures. Take care, it might be dangerous...

History and Background Story

Long ago a great arch demon practised dark magic in Nalwor Caves. This opened up a huge rift, a massive black hole in Nalwor Forest which you can see clearly from the aerial map, and a black drop down to Hell from the caves.

This is a really dangerous way because you can get to Hell - only the strongest heroes tried to get there. But... they were never seen again. This place is also full of giants, elder giants and other strong creatures. Nalwor caves are actually built to be a Mithrilbourgh mine but when they have seen it's full of strong creatures they stopped building it.


Black Dragon
Black Death
Deaths and Death Knights
elder giants

Information for Players

Player Level
From Semos Caves, and from the Drow Tunnels
Dungeon Levels
If you want to get into hell you must be level 200

Photo Gallery

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