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Short Summary

It is the pure picture of untouched nature which you will find when reaching Outside Ados. What is so spectacular about this area is the nice wildlife refuge and some caves which can be found in the mountains.

History and Background Story

The Dungeon of Outside Ados can be find close to the Ados Mountains in the west of Ados. The entrance is laying close to the Ados Wildlife Refuge home for endangered animals which is kept by Katinka and the animal doctor Dr. Feelgood. But coming back to the history of the Dungeons now...

A cold wind will touch your skin after entering the first floor of the Dungeons after the entrance... What is down there what makes the area so cold and windy?

Some time ago, the soldiers of the dwarvish army found this dungeon while they were on there way to spy on Ados for a possible future attack. They created a weapon storage for their army on the second floor to have a close depot in case of a war against the city of Ados. To guard this storage, some dwarves decided to stay at that place while taking care of the dwarvish armor.

A victim of the strength of the soldiers is Bario who is living in a small house which he build up in the underground of the Dungeon on the third floor. He doesn't have a job and doesn't dare to go upstairs anymore because he stole a beer barrel from the dwarves once. They still want to take revenge for that on him nowadays. However, he is really lonely because of living alone in the cold area beneath the weapon storage of the dwarvish army and that is why he is needing help from you. He is also unemployed and doesn't own enough money to buy beer barrels or cloaks against the cold himself, so you can maybe do him a small favour...

So, as you can see, there are lots of things which you can explore on your way to the Dungeons. After entering the Dungeons First floor which is positioned after the entrance, you will meet some bears there which will give you lots of ham and meat. The dwarves on the second floor will drop lots of money and other nice items which you can use later and Bario will pay you with a nice award if you will help him with his small temperature problem... So it's a trip worth it to go down there!

Prepare yourself and start your adventure!


Bario, the freezing dwarf
Bears, Black Bears, Dwarves, Elder Dwarves, Dwarf Guardians, Hero Dwarves, Leader Dwarfs

Information for Players

Player Level
Outside Ados behind the Wildlife Refuge
Outside Ados can be find on the way to the city of Ados, for example on the road to Ados which starts in the east of Semos City. The area is placed close to the Mountains and includes the places which will be described underneath.
Dungeon Levels

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