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Short Summary

Kotoch is a dungeon which lies in an area of the Orril Mountains. There are lots of routes which you can choose but be careful and keep your eyes open for danger.

History and Background Story

Kotoch is an underground place where orcs live. It is a most disgusting place, with smelly orcs running around trying to kill intruders.

The story of Kotoch started when the earth was formed. First it was a dwarvish place with lots of rare stones, gems and nuggets but in the end everything just went away. Records do not show why. All dwarves left Kotoch in search for a better place.

Some time later some bright orcs, they are very rare, got the idea to travel to Kotoch and make an orcish city there. Humans are still calling this a place where you can not be more than one hour cause of the bad smelling areas and corridors which they have to pass on their way through the area.

The orc army takes care of their living area. You can find them on all three floors. Take care, there are different kinds of orcs which you can find there, like orcs, orc hunters and some more. Different kinds of ogres settled down there too. Prepare yourself with enough food or potions.

A pretty cool orc named Orc Saman lives there but nobody is sure if he is an orc because he is very smart and bright which is really abnormal for that kind of creature. You can find him on the second floor of Kotoch. His job is it to guard the on floor three jailed mountain orc chief. Now he is waiting for the brave hero who can maybe help to do a little job for him...

What the on floor three jailed mountain or chief did are you maybe asking to yourself now... He killed lots of orcs for grabbing their money and he wanted to become the King of the Kotoch inhabitants. He was cruel while trying to fulfill his plan, so that the others of his kind caught and jailed him.

So be brave, and join Kotoch to gain money and experience points! You will not regret it!


Orc Saman
orc, orc spearman orc warrior, orc hunter, orc chief
ogre, ogre soldier, elder ogre, superogre.

Information for Players

Player Level
Orril Mountains NW, on your way to the Orril Castle, which is built up close to the entrance.
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