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This is a list of missing image files in Stendhal

Pre-made Resources

Check Stendhal_compatible_resources for a list of potential assets that may be useful here.

Animals and Monsters


Folder Filename Level Git Assigned Status Notes
albino_elf albino_elf_queen.png previous AntumDeluge
amazon amazoness_archer_commander.png 73 previous
amazon amazoness_bodyguard.png previous
amazon amazoness_commander.png 82 previous
amazon amazoness_elite_coastguard.png previous
amazon amazoness_hunter.png previous
animal bat.png 1 current AntumDeluge done
animal black_slime.png 24 current meriharakka done
animal brown_slime.png 16 current meriharakka done
animal caiman.png 2 previous Possible reference images: 1 2 3 4 5 6
animal crab.png 0


AntumDeluge done source
animal green_slime.png 8 current meriharakka done
animal killer_bat.png 7 current AntumDeluge done
animal killer_bee.png 15


AntumDeluge WIP
  • source (CC BY 3.0)
  • Side-facing frames need edited.
  • Dimensions changed from 48x64 to 64x64.
  • Other possible prospects: wasp
animal lion.png 4 current kiheru done
animal monkey.png 2 previous Possible prospects: Monkey on Mars
animal tiger.png 5 current kiheru done
animal twilight_slime.png 111 current meriharakka done
chaos chaos_commander.png 97


AntumDeluge done source
chaos chaos_lord.png 130


AntumDeluge done Based on "chaos_commander".
chaos chaos_overlord.png 190

current previous

AntumDeluge done Based on "chaos_commander".
chaos chaos_soldier.png 75


AntumDeluge done
  • Based on "chaos_commander".
  • Original sprite wore cloak.
chaos chaos_sorceror.png 103


AntumDeluge done
chaos chaos_warrior.png 85


AntumDeluge done Based on "chaos_commander".
demon imperial_demon_lord.png 101 previous
dwarf deep_guardian_dwarf.png previous
dwarf dwarf_guardian.png previous
elemental air_elemental.png 50


AntumDeluge done
elemental earth_elemental.png 50


AntumDeluge done
  • source
  • Needs some touching up.
elemental fire_elemental.png 50


AntumDeluge done
elemental nymph.png


AntumDeluge done
elemental water_elemental.png 50


AntumDeluge done
elf elf_bodyguard.png previous
elf elf_sacerdotist.png 45 previous
elf elf_wizard.png previous
ent dead_ent.png (old ent) 83 current kiheru done
fairy baby_angel.png 90 previous
farm_animal beaver.png 2 previous Possible reference images: 1 2 3
farm_animal bull.png 2 current kiheru done
farm_animal chick.png 1 current AntumDeluge done
farm_animal cow.png 2 current kiheru done
farm_animal horse.png 2 current AntumDeluge done Sprite dimensions were changed from 48x64 to 64x85. Can rework to 48x64 to preserve original size if desired.
farm_animal ram.png 2 current kiheru done
farm_animal white_horse.png 2 current AntumDeluge done Sprite dimensions were changed from 48x64 to 64x85. Can rework to 48x64 to preserve original size if desired.
giant_animal crocodile.png 15 previous Possible reference images: 1 2 3 4 5 6
giant_animal dwarf_golem.png 170


AntumDeluge done Based on hero_dwarf head & stone_golem body.
giant_human angel.png 230 previous AntumDeluge
giant_human archangel.png 330


AntumDeluge done May want to make some changes to resemble old sprite.
giant_human dark_angel.png 400 previous AntumDeluge
giant_human dark_archangel.png 500 previous AntumDeluge
giant_human fallen_angel.png 210 previous AntumDeluge
gnome calvaryman.png 5


AntumDeluge done
  • Based on gnome & piglet sprites.
  • Sprite dimensions have changed from 64x64 to 48x64.
gnome gnome.png 2


AntumDeluge done
  • Source: Gnomes (OpenGameArt)
  • Sprite dimensions are still 48x64, but visually, gnome sprite is smaller.
  • Larger gnome available, but is larger than old sprite:
gnome infantryman.png 5


AntumDeluge done Based on gnome sprite.
gnome woman_gnome.png (mage gnome) 2


AntumDeluge done Based on gnome sprite.
golem ice_golem.png 45 current AntumDeluge done
golem stone_golem.png 32 current AntumDeluge done
golem wooden_golem.png 24 previous
huge_animal black_death.png 300 current kiheru done
huge_animal chaos_green_dragonrider.png 137 current kiheru done
huge_animal chaos_red_dragonrider.png 195 current kiheru done
huge_animal giant_kobold.png 55 previous
huge_animal golden_death.png 450 current kiheru done
huge_animal green_dragon.png 50 current kiheru done
huge_animal red_dragon.png 125 current kiheru done
huge_animal twin_head_dragon.png 139 previous AntumDeluge Candidate for base: Red Dragon
huge_animal flying_golden_dragon.png 137 previous AntumDeluge Candidate for base: Red Dragon
human apprentice_assassin.png 45 previous
human armored_leader.png (blordrough corporal) 140 previous
human armored_warrior.png (blordrough quartermaster) 114 previous
human imperial_archer_leader.png previous
human imperial_leader.png previous
human imperial_priest.png previous
human imperial_scientist.png previous
human soldier_wizard.png (mithrilbourgh wizard) 92 previous
hybrid dark_aruthon.png 80 previous AntumDeluge
hybrid robot_aruthon.png 37


AntumDeluge done source
kobold archer_kobold.png 8 previous
kobold kobold.png 5 previous Possible candidate for base: Dog Soldier
kobold leader_kobold.png 13 previous
kobold soldier_kobold.png 7 previous
kobold veteran_kobold.png 9 previous
madaram madaram_stalker.png previous
madaram madaram_trooper.png 43 previous
minotaur mino_king.png 62


AntumDeluge done Currently just a re-color of minotaur sprite. Possibly add cape, crown, or scepter later.
minotaur minotaur.png 45


AntumDeluge done
mutant blacky.png (dark mutant) 35 previous
mutant glow_monster.png


AntumDeluge done source
mutant imperial_experiment.png 84 previous
mutant werewolf.png 80


AntumDeluge done Was previously "monsternpc" sprite.
mythical_animal gashadokuro.png 500 current AntumDeluge done Resized elder skeleton (should be redone using scale2x filter)
mythical_being centaur.png 56 previous
oni oni_archer.png 72 previous
oni oni_king.png 109 previous
oni oni_priest.png 77 previous
oni oni_queen.png 118 previous
oni oni_warrior.png 67 previous
orc mountain_orc.png 41 current AntumDeluge done
orc orc.png 10 current AntumDeluge done
orc orc_chief.png orc chief: 18
mountain orc chief: 61


AntumDeluge done mountain orc chief now has its own sprite.
orc orc_hunter.png orc hunter: 14
mountain orc hunter: 51


AntumDeluge done mountain orc hunter now has its own sprite.
orc orc_spearman.png 12


AntumDeluge done
orc orc_warrior.png orc warrior: 14
mountain orc warrior: 46


AntumDeluge done mountain orc warrior now has its own sprite.
ratfolk ratwoman.png 15 previous
sheepman armored_sheepman.png 31 current Minotaur sprite may make a good base.
sheepman elder_sheepman.png 38 current Minotaur sprite may make a good base.
sheepman elite_sheepman.png 43 previous Minotaur sprite may make a good base.
sheepman sheepman.png 25 previous Minotaur sprite may make a good base.
troll red_troll.png 16


AntumDeluge done
  • source
  • Original sprite carried a club.
troll troll.png 10


AntumDeluge done source
undead dead_lich.png 82 previous
undead death.png 30 current kiheru done
undead death_knight.png 52 previous
undead devil_monk.png 205 previous
undead fallen_warrior.png previous
undead ghost.png 15 current kiheru done
undead ghosthound.png


AntumDeluge done
vampire vampire_lord.png 65 previous AntumDeluge


Misc. NPCs

Filename Git Previous Assigned Status Notes
(top-level) baby_dragon.png current 236eb37
(top-level) cat.png current dac9425 AntumDeluge done Kitten may need a little cleaning up.
(top-level) purple_dragon.png current 236eb37

Character NPCs

Source(s) (Name) Git Previous Assigned Status Notes
adosbankassistantnpc.png ados/bank/BankNPC(Rachel) current 6a05033 AntumDeluge done
badmayornpc.png ados/townhall/MayorNPC(Mayor Chalmers) N/A 236eb37

ados/forest/FarmerNPC (Karl)
ados/outside/CloaksCollectorNPC (Bario)

beautifulgirlnpc.png semos/house/AdminHelpNPC(Skye) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done
beggarnpc.png semos/city/RetireeNPC (Diogenes) previous
blacklordnpc.png mithrilbourgh/throne_room/BuyerNPC (Despot Halb Errvl) previous
blacksmithnpc.png semos/blacksmith/BlacksmithNPC (Xoderos) current AntumDeluge done Missing hammer like old sprite had. Will add later.
blackwizardpriestnpc.png orril/dungeon/DarkElfNPC (Waerryna) previous AntumDeluge
bluesorceressnpc.png semos/wizardstower/BlueIceSorceressNPC (Cassandra) previous
boynpc.png ados/wall/HolidayingBoyNPC (Finn Farmer) previous AntumDeluge
cafesellernpc.png ados/market/CafeSellerNPC (Mia) previous AntumDeluge
chaos_sorcerornpc.png magic/house1/ChallengerNPC(Haastaja) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done Change to match enemy chaos_sorceror.
chefnpc.png semos/bakery/ChefNPC (Leander) previous
chessplayernpc.png ados/tunnel/CrulaminNPC (Crulamin) previous
childnpc.png semos/hostel/BoyNPC (Tad) previous AntumDeluge
cloakedwomannpc.png magic/city/HealerNPC (Salva Mattori) previous
cloakedwoman2npc.png magic/shrine/PriestessNPC (Kendra Mattori) previous
confectionerapplepienpc.png kalavan/cottage_2/ConfectionerApplePieNPC (Martha) previous
confectionercherrypienpc.png kalavan/cottage_2/ConfectionerCherryPieNPC (Gertha) previous
darkwizardnpc.png quests/AdosDeathmatch previous
deadmannpc.png orril/dungeon/GhostNPC (Goran) previous
doctornpc.png ados/outside/VeterinarianNPC (Dr. Feelgood) previous
dwarf_guardiannpc.png semos/mines/DwarfGuardianNPC (Phalk) previous
elfbankladynpc.png nalwor/bank/BankNPC(Nnyddion) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done
fireelementalnpc.png nalwor/hell/ElementalsNPC (Savanka) previous
fishsoupmakernpc.png ados/market/FishSoupMakerNPC(Florence Boullabaisse) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done Uses hat from old sprite (believed to be usable so far).
gardenernpc.png kalavan/citygardens/GardenerNPC (Sue) previous
gnomenpc.png semos/gnomevillage/GarbiddleNPC(Garbiddle) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done Based on gnome enemy sprite.
goldsmithnpc.png ados/goldsmith/GoldsmithNPC (Joshua) current AntumDeluge done Missing hammer like old sprite had. Will add later.

nalwor/city/GuessKillsNPC (Crearid)
kalavan/cottage/HouseKeeperNPC (Granny Graham)

current AntumDeluge done
greenelfwizardnpc.png semos/wizardstower/GreenNatureWizardNPC (Silvanus) previous
gypsywomannpc.png semos/house/FlowerSellerNPC(Rose Leigh) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done
highpriestnpc.png semos/mines/HighPriestNPC (Aenihata) previous
hotelreceptionistnpc.png fado/hotel/GreeterNPC (Linda) current AntumDeluge done
housewifenpc.png semos/bakery/ShopAssistantNPC(Erna) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done North-facing hair needs slightly edited.

semos/library/LibrarianNPC (Ceryl)
ados/library/LibrarianNPC (Wikipedian)

kingcozartnpc.png kalavan/castle/KingNPC (King Cozart) current AntumDeluge done
koboldbarmaidnpc.png wofol/bar/KoboldBarmaidNPC (Wrviliza) previous
koboldbarregularnpc.png wofol/bar/KoboldBarRegularNPC (Kormic) previous
koboldchefnpc.png wofol/bakery/BakerNPC (Kroip) previous
koboldnpc.png wofol/house4/TraderNPC (Wrvil) previous
magic_jesternpc.png ados/castle/JesterNPC (Huckle Rohn) current AntumDeluge done
man_000_npc.png wofol/house5/GhostNPC (Zak) previous
marmaidnpc.png amazon/fleamarket/AmazonMermaidArmorNPC(Nicklesworth) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done Skintone color changed.

ados/goldsmith/MithrilForgerNPC (Pedinghaus)
kirdneh/museum/WizardNPC (Kampusch)
magic/theater/MithrilShieldForgerNPC (Baldemar)
magic/house2/WizardNPC (Whiggins)
orril/dungeon/MithrilbourghTraitorNPC (Xavkas)

current AntumDeluge done
mothernpc.png kirdneh/city/MummyNPC(Carey) current 966b335 AntumDeluge done
nunnpc.png fado/city/NunNPC(Sister Benedicta) N/A 236eb37

semos/guardhouse/RetiredAdventurerNPC (Hayunn Naratha)
quests/captureflag/CaptureFlagQuest (Thumb)

oldmaidnpc.png fado/tavern/MaidNPC(Old Mother Helena) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done
oldmannpc.png semos/city/GreeterNPC (Monogenes) current kiheru done
oldratwomannpc.png ratcity/house1/OldRatWomanNPC (Agnus) previous
oldwitchnpc.png fado/forest/OldWitchNPC (Mircea) previous

ados/rock/WeaponsCollectorNPC (Balduin)
quests/ReverseArrow (Gamblos)

oldwomannpc.png fado/forest/OldWomanNPC(Amber) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done

semos/dungeon/SheepBuyerNPC (Tor'Koom)
ados/abandonedkeep/OrcKillGiantDwarfNPC (Zogfang)

current AntumDeluge done
orcsalesmannpc.png ados/abandonedkeep/OrcWeaponArmorGuyNPC (Hagnurk) current AntumDeluge done
piratenpc.png athor/ship/CaptainNPC(Captain Brownbeard) N/A 236eb37
plinknpc.png semos/plains/LittleBoyNPC (Plink) previous AntumDeluge
ratchefnpc.png ratcity/bakery/RatChefNPC (Gaston) previous
ringsmithnpc.png fado/weaponshop/RingSmithNPC (Ognir) previous AntumDeluge
royalguardnpc.png semos/kanmararn/SergeantNPC (Sergeant James) previous
slim_woman_npc.png magic/clothing_boutique/OutfitLenderNPC (Liliana) previous
stormtroopernpc.png ados/tunnel/WishmanNPC (Wishman) previous
swimmer4npc.png athor/holiday_area/YanNPC(Yan) N/A 236eb37
thiefnpc.png semos/city/GossipNPC (Nomyr Ahba) previous
whitesorceressnpc.png semos/wizardstower/WhiteLifeSorceressNPC (Elana) previous AntumDeluge
wifenpc.png ados/farmhouse/FarmersWifeNPC(Philomena) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done

semos/library/HistorianGeographerNPC (Zynn Iwuhos)
ados/magician_house/WizardNPC (Haizen)

witch2npc.png magic/bricabrac/BuyerNPC (Vonda) current AntumDeluge done
witch3npc.png magic/school/TeacherNPC (Esolte Vietta) previous
witchnpc.png orril/magician_house/WitchNPC (Jynath) previous

fado/hut/SellerNPC (Sarzina)
magic/clothing_boutique/OutfitLender2NPC (Saskia)

previous AntumDeluge
woman_000_npc.png kirdneh/city/FlowerSellerNPC(Fleur)
kalavan/citygardens/MummyNPC(Mrs Jones)
N/A 236eb37
woman_001_npc.png UNUSED N/A 236eb37
woman_002_npc.png ados/twilightzone/SeamstressNPC(lda) (misspelled?)
N/A 236eb37
woman_003_npc.png semos/plains/MillerNPC(Jenny)
N/A 236eb37 AntumDeluge
woman_004_npc.png ados/bar/BarMaidNPC (Siandra) previous AntumDeluge
woman_016_npc.png ados/city/HolidayingWomanNPC(Alice Farmer) current 236eb37 AntumDeluge done
woodcutternpc.png fado/forest/WoodCutterNPC(Woody) N/A 236eb37 AntumDeluge
youngnpc.png fado/bank/TellerNPC(Yance)
N/A 236eb37

semos/canyon/TollboothNPC (Toller)
semos/jail/GuardNPC (Marcus)
semos/jail/JailKeeperNPC (Sten Tanquilos)
semos/kanmararn/CowardSoldierNPC (Henry)
ados/city/WallSoldier1NPC (Helius)
ados/city/WallSoldier2NPC (Hermius)
ados/city/WallSoldier3NPC (Flavius)
ados/swamp/DeathmatchRecruiterNPC (Thonatus)
ados/wall/GreeterSoldierNPC (Julius)
ados/wall/WallSoldier1NPC (Galercus)
ados/wall/WallSoldier2NPC (Grekus)
ados/wall/WallSoldier3NPC (Vincendus)
ados/wall/WallSoldier4NPC (Xinderus)
ados/wall/WallSoldier5NPC (Hephestus)
quests/revivalweeks/SoldierNPCs (Hibitus & Lucanus)

current AntumDeluge done
youngwomannpc.png fado/house/WomanNPC(Josephine) N/A 236eb37

Animal NPCs

Filename Git Assigned Status Notes
npc/animal cat.png current AntumDeluge done
npc/animal rabbit.png current AntumDeluge done 3rd frame may need edited.




Filename Git Previous Assigned Status Notes
outfit/body body_088.png current ea27358 AntumDeluge done Red re-color of green_slime.
outfit/body body_089.png current ea27358 AntumDeluge done Copy of green_slime.
outfit/body body_090.png current ea27358 AntumDeluge done Yellow re-color of green_slime.
outfit/body body_091.png current ea27358 AntumDeluge done Blue re-color of green_slime.
outfit/body body_093.png current ea27358 AntumDeluge done Violet re-color of green_slime.
outfit/body body_094.png ea27358 deleted Violet witch?
outfit/body body_096.png ea27358 deleted Horse mount female.
outfit/body body_097.png ea27358 deleted Horse mount male



Filename Git Assigned Status Notes




Filename Git Assigned Status Notes










Filename Git Assigned Status Notes
hair_001.png previous
hair_005.png previous
hair_007.png previous
hair_011.png previous
hair_019.png previous
hair_024.png previous
hair_051.png previous
hair_057.png previous
hair_069.png previous
hair_074.png previous



Folder Filename # of
Git Previous Assigned Status Notes
furniture/picture cats.png 7 N/A 3898134
item/statue nymph_aqua.png 5 N/A 3898134
item/statue nymph_reddish.png 2 N/A 3898134
object ship.png 7 current 1fb6cbb kiheru done done for player visible tiles. The rest under construction
object tan_tent.png 2 current 9396847 AntumDeluge done Source: Tent Reworked (OGA BY 3.0)
plant/tree locust_tree.png 4 current 9396847 kiheru done
plant/tree maple_tree.png 3 N/A 9c2f47f
plant/tree oak_tree.png 3 N/A 9c2f47f
plant/tree pine_tree.png 13 current 9c2f47f kiheru done
plant/tree pine_tree_1.png 9 current 9c2f47f kiheru done
plant/tree pine_tree_2.png 5 current 9c2f47f kiheru done
plant/tree snow_on_pine.png 3 N/A 9c2f47f

Need Removed/Replaced

The following were copied from

This list is dated & some items may have already been reworked/replaced.

Filename # of Maps Git Previous Assigned Status Notes
building barnyard.png 1 current N/A
building farm.png 1 current N/A
building greenhouse.png 2 current N/A
building house_3.png 1 current N/A
building house_blue_white.png 1 current N/A
building house_chalet.png 1 current
building house_greenish_stone.png 1 current
building house_light_brick.png 1 current
building house_light_tan.png 1 current
building house_pink_blue.png 4 current
building house_redbrick_greenroof.png 1 current
building house_stone.png 2 current
building museum.png 2 current
building stone_ruins.png 3 current
building stone_tower.png 1 current
building tan_building.png 2 current
building thatched_roof_cottage1.png 1 current
building thatched_roof_cottage2.png 1 current
building tower_chalet.png 1 current
building/decoration balcony.png 3 current
building/decoration blue_green.png 3 current
building/decoration chimney_brown_stacks.png 1 current
building/decoration wall_feature.png 2 current
building/door brown_3_doors.png 3 current
building/door stone_doorway.png 1 current
building/door tall_wooden_entrance.png 1 current
building/entrance dojo_entrances.png 2 current
building/entrance int_iron_bars.png 15 current
building/entrance int_broken_bars.png 2 current
building/fence stone_fence_white.png 12 current
building/stairs stairs_orange.png 2 current
building/stairs grey_stone_stairs.png 4 current
building/stairs grey_stone_stairs_down.png 2 current
building/stairs stairs_grey.png 6 current
building/stairs wooden_stairs.png 5 current
building/wall dojo_walls.png 3 current
building/window windows_with_flowerboxes.png 2 current
building/window classic_window.png 2 current
building/window broken_window.png 3 current
building/window brown_with_cream_shutters.png 2 current
building/fence wooden_brown_fence.png 5 current
furniture/bed double_pink_roses.png 17 current Originally assigned to lumocra
furniture/bed double_purple_gold.png 20 current Originally assigned to lumocra
furniture/bed double_white_pink.png 18 current Originally assigned to lumocra
furniture/bed single_dingy_white.png 2 current
furniture/bed single_grey.png 9 current
furniture/bed single_pink_roses.png 4 current
furniture/bed single_purple_gold.png 8 current
furniture/bed single_white_pink.png 5 current
furniture/carpet orange.png 23 current Originally assigned to tigertoes.
furniture/carpet royalblue.png 12 current
furniture/chair bench_iron.png 5 current
furniture/chair bench_iron_extensible.png 2 current
furniture/chair bench_iron_reverse.png 4 current
furniture/chair wooden_rustic.png 7 current
furniture/curtain blue_green.png 4 current
furniture/curtain dark_red.png 7 current
furniture/curtain dark_red_central.png 6 current
furniture/curtain red_gold_drawn.png 9 current
furniture/curtain red_gold_gathered.png 19 current
furniture/light floating_candle.png 6 current
furniture/light lamp_blue.png 10 current
furniture/light lamp_bronze.png 2 current
furniture/light small_oil_lamp.png 8 current
furniture/light sparkle.png 5 current
furniture/light sparkle_middle.png 3 current
furniture/light weird_lamp.png 12 current
furniture/other mannequins.png 9 current
furniture/other piano2.png 3 current
furniture/other spinningwheel.png 1 current
furniture/picture city_picture.png 8 current Originally assigned to tigertoes.
furniture/picture large_island.png 27 current Originally assigned to tigertoes.
furniture/shelve drawer_shelf.png 6 current
furniture/shelve green_bookshelf.png 14 current
furniture/shelve item_shelf.png 9 current
furniture/shelve shelf_3.png 11 current
furniture/shelve shelf_4.png 7 current
furniture/shelve small_shelf.png 12 current
furniture/shelve rack.png 2 current
furniture/table alchemists_table.png 1 current
furniture/table bazaar_table_1.png 2 current
furniture/table bazaar_table_2.png 2 current
furniture/table bazaar_table_3.png 2 current
furniture/table bazaar_table_4.png 2 current
furniture/table bazaar_table_5.png 2 current
furniture/table concrete_table.png 6 current
furniture/table desk.png 38 current
furniture/table fancy_blue_red.png 13 current
furniture/table flowers_on_bench2.png 7 current
furniture/table flowers_on_benches.png 9 current
furniture/table rectangular_with_meals.png 20 current
furniture/table stone_desk.png 4 current
furniture/table table_copper.png 6 current
furniture/table table_linen.png 4 current
furniture/table vendors_table.png 23 current
furniture/table wooden_with_candles.png 3 current
ground dirt_mounds.png 1 current
ground grass_snow.png 3 current
ground mossy_brick_paving.png 3 current
ground sand_1.png 8 current
ground sand_2.png 9 current
ground slate_tiles.png 3 current
ground/fire flames.png 9 current N/A
ground/indoor floor_tan.png 13 current
ground/rock hell.png 8 current N/A AntumDeluge WIP Most tiles have been replaced.
ground/rock rocks.png 22 current
ground/rock rocks_3.png 21 current
ground/rock sandy_rocks.png 1 current
ground/rock square_crystal.png 3 current
item awnng_2.png 1 current
item bazaar_produce.png 5 current
item boxes.png 23 current
item campfire_snow.png 1 current N/A
item campfires.png 3 current
item firewood.png 15 current
item fishing_nets.png 1 current
item logs_snow.png 1 current
item logs_snow1.png 1 current
item native_masks.png 2 current
item ropes.png 5 current
item sacks.png 13 current
item tools.png 11 current
item/armor suit_of_armor2.png 7 current
item/armor weapons_for_walls.png 12 current
item/banners banner.png 1 current
item/banners banners.png 11 current
item/banners wall_hanging_dkgreen.png 5 current
item/chest chest_2.png 19 current
item/chest chest_purple.png 12 current
item/chest chests_red.png 13 current
item/corpse hanging_skeleton.png 4 N/A f0d139e AntumDeluge deleted Replaced with skeleton-hanging (CC BY 3.0)
item/documents books.png 35 current
item/documents note_board.png 9 current
item/documents notes.png 6 current
item/documents notes2.png 11 current
item/drink beers_and_flasks.png 11 current
item/drink bottles_and_cups.png 57 current Originally assigned to kymara.
item/drink casks.png 23 current
item/food bread.png 39 current Originally assigned to kymara.
item/food fish_crates.png 5 current
item/gothic grave_marker.png 2 current N/A
item/gothic grave_statue_girl.png 1 current N/A
item/gothic headstone_1.png 3 current N/A
item/gothic headstone_1.png 3 current
item/gothic headstone_3.png 4 current
item/gothic headstone_6.png 1 current
item/gothic headstone_7.png 1 current
item/gothic large_gravestone.png 12 current
item/gothic sarcophagus.png 2 current
item/gothic slab.png 7 current
item/gothic tiny_headstone.png 1 current
item/gothic tombstone_2.png 1 current
item/gothic urn_house.png 2 current
item/gothic wooden_crosses.png 2 current
item/household food_preparation.png 52 current
item/household food_preparation_2.png 25 current
item/pot barrel_snow1.png 1 current
item/pot barrels_2.png 8 current
item/pot crates.png 1 current
item/pot wooden_bins.png 3 current
item/pot wooden_crates.png 6 current
item/statue archway.png 9 current
item/statue crystal_statues.png 5 current
item/statue dryad_marble.png 1 current
item/statue eaglehead.png 8 current
item/statue flowered_arch.png 9 current
item/statue gazingball_statue.png 3 current
item/statue girl_with_bird.png 5 current
item/statue grey_stone.png 37 current Originally assigned to kiheru.
item/statue lion_statues.png 3 current
item/statue nymph_aqua.png 5 current removed
item/statue nymph_reddish.png 2 current removed
item/statue plants_potted_stone.png 18 current
item/statue romanic_art1.png 2 current
item/statue romanic_art2.png 2 current
item/statue stone_dragon.png 5 current
item/statue swordsman.png 6 current
item/statue urn_with_flowers.png 6 current
item/statue warlock.png 9 current
item/statue wolf_statue.png 1 current
item/textile blankets.png 31 current
item/textile laundry.png 5 current
item/weapon box_of_weapons.png 4 current
item/weapon spears.png 2 current
object boardwalk.png 3 current
object hay_cart.png 1 current
object roofed_well.png 1 current
object ship.png 6 current N/A Originally assigned to AntumDeluge (replacing with structure/boat/ship.png).
object suspension_bridge.png 12 current
object tan_tent.png 2 N/A 9396847 AntumDeluge deleted
object trellis_small.png 3 current
object well_hoist.png 1 current
object zekiel.png 2 current
plant lily_pads.png 3 current N/A AntumDeluge
plant snowygrass.png 1 current
plant star_shaped_plants.png 6 current
plant/flower flower_bed_1.png 5 current
plant/flower flower_snow.png 2 current
plant/flower flowers_mixed.png 10 current
plant/flower foxgloves.png 9 current
plant/flower hothouse_flowers.png 16 current
plant/flower planted_containers.png 30 current
plant/flower pointed_yellow.png 6 current
plant/flower polyanthus.png 2 current
plant/flower purple.png 13 current
plant/flower red_white.png 2 current
plant/flower small_flower_bed.png 6 current
plant/flower small_flower_bed_2.png 5 current
plant/flower vines_2.png 2 current
plant/flower vines_3.png 1 current
plant/indoor small_flowerpots.png 6 current
plant/stump hollow_logs.png 11 current
plant/stump log_vertical.png 3 current
plant/stump stump_snow.png 3 current
plant/stump stump_snow1.png 2 current
plant/stump stump_vertical.png 3 current
plant/tree chestnut_tree.png 5 current
plant/tree christmas_tree.png 1 current
plant/tree christmas_tree2.png 1 current
plant/tree crack_willow.png 2 current
plant/tree dead_tree_1.png 3 current
plant/tree dead_tree_2.png 4 current
plant/tree dead_tree_3.png 6 current
plant/tree dead_tree_4.png 2 current
plant/tree deadtree_snow.png 1 current
plant/tree fall_trees.png 2 current
plant/tree locust_tree.png 4 current
plant/tree maple_tree.png 3 current
plant/tree oak_tree.png 3 current
plant/tree palm_trees.png 5 current N/A Originally assigned to AntumDeluge.
plant/tree pine_tree_1.png 5 current
plant/tree pine_tree_2.png 4 current
plant/tree snow_on_pine.png 3 current

Possibly Remove

Possibly Remove (Enemies)


Folder Filename Git Notes
dark_elf dark_elf_master.png current
dark_elf dark_elf_viceroy.png current
demon imperial_demon_servant.png current
elemental ice_elemental.png current
elf archmage_elf.png current
elf elf_wizard.png current
gargoyle dark_gargoyle.png current
gargoyle elder_gargoyle.png current
gargoyle gargoyle.png current
gargoyle venom_gargoyle.png current
giant elder_ogre.png current
giant ogre.png current
giant ogre_soldier.png current
giant superogre.png current
giant_human black_giant.png current
huge_animal blue_dragon.png current

Possibly Remove (NPCs)


Filename Code (Name) Git Notes
groundskeepernpc.png magic/school/GroundskeeperNPC (Morgrin) current May be non-free image
reddemonnpc.png semos/wizardstower/RedDemonLordNPC (Xaruhwaiyz) current May be non-free image
woman_006_npc.png ados/farmhouse/MotherNPC (Anastasia) current Source marked to use "noimagenpc" but original image not deleted

Unused Images

Unused Enemy Images


Folder Filename Git Notes
lutin lutin_bandit.png current
lutin lutin_bowman.png current
lutin lutin_chieftain.png current
lutin lutin_girl.png current
lutin lutin_guard.png current
lutin lutin_king.png current
lutin lutin_outlaw.png current
lutin lutin_queen.png current
lutin lutin_wench.png current
orc cruel_orc.png previous Removed
truskull truskull_archer.png current
truskull truskull_armed_archer.png current
truskull truskull_commander.png current
truskull truskull_electro.png current
truskull truskull_ghost_angel.png current
truskull truskull_ice_warrior.png current
truskull truskull_knight.png current
truskull truskull_magician.png current
truskull truskull_mutant.png current
truskull truskull_nightshade.png current
truskull truskull_overlord.png current Replaced with placeholder image.
truskull truskull_priest.png current Replaced with placeholder image.
truskull truskull_scientist.png current
truskull truskull_warrior.png current

Unused NPC Images


Filename Git Notes
bluewizardnpc.png current
bridenpc.png previous Removed
buyer2npc.png current
cannibalnpc.png current
chiefassassinnpc.png current
cobradornpc.png current
elfbankernpc.png current
estateagent3npc.png current
experiencedwarriornpc.png current
experiencedwarrior2npc.png current
greendlordnpc.png current
greenwizardnpc.png current
man_003_npc.png current
man_007_npc.png current
monsternpc.png current Moved to "werewolf" enemy sprite.
nursenpc.png current May be non-free image
oldkingnpc.png previous Removed
oracle5npc.png current
oracle6npc.png current
paperboynpc.png current May be non-free image
pinkwizardnpc.png current
prayernpc.png current
queennpc.png previous Removed
ratmannpc.png current
ratwomannpc.png previous Removed
recruiter4npc.png previous Removed
recruiter5.png previous Removed
santagnomenpc.png previous Removed
smithnpc.png current Uses alt. image?
verger2npc.png current
woman_010_npc.png current
woman_012_npc.png current
yellowwizardnpc.png current

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Templates Usage

Template Name Usage
Template:NPCSource {{NPCSource|source}}
Template:RefactorNPCSprite {{RefactorNPCSprite|filename|sources|branch|old|assigned|status|notes}}
Template:RefactorSprite {{RefactorSprite|dir|filename|branch|old|assigned|status|notes}}
Template:RefactorTileset {{RefactorTileset|dir|filename|maps|branch|old|assigned|status|notes}}