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Stendhal Quests

If you would like to add a new idea, please check Stendhal Quest Contribution which explains how to structure your new quest idea.

Below you find a list of ideas. Some need more detail, feel free to pick one and expand it or write down the answer the NPC should give. Of course new ideas are always welcome, too.

In particular we'd currently welcome:

  • more quests in Nalwor (there are plenty of businesses there and empty houses)
  • a quest for each level of Semos dungeon (to encourage exploration)

If you want to learn more about the different steps and the required skills for creating new quests, please have a look at Stendhal Quest Contribution. Don't be scared, you don't need to know how to write computer programs in order to contribute.

Ideas / Sub-pages


Name Approved Assigned Writer Written Status Assigned Coder Coded Status Notes
Additions to Vampire Sword Quest pending
Ados Gym pending
An Old Man's Wish yes AntumDeluge done ✓ AntumDeluge done ✓
Burglary in Constantines Villa pending
Caroline's Catering Service pending
Dragon Killer pending
Dungeon Key from Diogenes pending
Dungeon Portal Runes pending
Escorting Sheep to Ados pending
Evil or Good Mom pending
Find Herbs for Lilih pending
Find Shortest Way pending
Fire Whip pending
Flowers for a Funeral pending
Game - Capture the Flag pending
Game - Jail Break pending May be duplicate of Manhunt
Get Knowledge pending
Give Some Items to Xoderos pending
Give Wilros His Medicine pending
Globe Trotter pending
Guard to Bribe pending
Helping Imorgen and Her Grandma pending
Ieo Has Lost His Magical Recipes Tome pending
Ilula is Looking for Ancient Table with Glyphs pending
Karma Blossom pending
Kill Arch Rats pending
King Midas pending
Learn About Magic yes Magic must be implemented first.
Learn About Dark Magic yes Magic must be implemented first.
Learn About Fire Magic yes Magic must be implemented first.
Learn About Ice Magic yes Magic must be implemented first.
Learn About Light Magic yes Magic must be implemented first.
Lenocas' Restaurant pending
Leveled City pending
Long Distance Love Affair pending
Lost Engagement Ring yes AntumDeluge done ✓ AntumDeluge done ✓
Lucky Four Leaf Clover pending
Manhunt pending Similar to Game - Jail Break
Message in a Bottle pending
Mithril Armor yes tigertoes in progress Marcospdsf
Money Rain pending
Personal Farm pending
Pizza Maker Prize pending
Poor Old Prospector pending
Protect the Maiden pending
Quintains pending May be obsolete now with implementation of training in dojo.
Random Encounter: Transformation pending
Second Sight pending
Skill Upgrade pending
Stables pending
Tavern Boss pending
The Altar of Colored Light pending
The Coveted Blade pending
The Traveller Wizard pending
The Unorganized Vault pending
TreeWhiskers Looking for TenderTwig pending
Ultimate Weapons pending
Wanderer pending
Weekly Herbs for Ilisa pending
Wizard pending
Wizards Circle pending
Karma Blossom pending
Vardrug Bonejaw Needs Help Creating a Shovel yes tigertoes

Add to Repeatable Item Quests

Kirdneh Museum Needs Help: